Artificial Grass For Dogs and Kids

Artificial grass, due to the numerous benefits it offers, has become the top choice for people. However, a point you need to know here is that the benefits synthetic grass offers greatly depends on the company that manufactures it. This is due to the fact different materials are used by different companies. The higher the quality of materials is used, the better and long-lasting the artificial grass is.

Among the different companies that offer artificial grass, Lawn World is considered to be the most reliable artificial grass superstore. We pride ourselves in being the most sought-after company when it comes to artificial grass for our top-quality.

Here are some of the top reasons why getting artificial grass from us is the best choice:

Toxin and Chemical Free

You may get cheap artificial grass manufactured from some brands but the problem with them is that they use harmful toxins and chemicals for its manufacturing. At Lawn World, we are aware of the adverse effects chemicals and toxins pose for the environment. Thus, we make sure that no harmful chemical is used in the manufacturing of artificial grass. All the materials that are used for its manufacturing are premium quality. Hence, you can rest assured our artificial grass is ideal for your lawn.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our Artificial Grass For Dogs is easy to clean and maintain as compared to real grass. There is no requirement to take time out from your busy schedule to spend on the maintenance and cleanliness of the grass. Rather we encourage you to spend that time to relax and unwind for your wellbeing. The artificial grass we manufacture is easy to clean. All you have to do is to use our enzyme cleaner and the grass will be spotlessly clean.

Apart from that, you will be also spared from buying costly gardening tools, equipment, and other maintenance supplies. The requirement to use fertilizers and seeds will be no more. You won’t have to mow the grass. All these features make managing artificial grass by Lawn World rather easier and hassle-free.

Market-Competitive Rates

A prominent factor that sets us apart from other companies is our market-competitive rates. For us, nothing matters more than our customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we offer our high-quality fake grass at the rates that are affordable for everyone.

Suitable for Pet Dogs

If you have a pet dog at home, there can be no better option for you than getting our artificial turf installed. It is designed keeping the activity of pet dogs on the grass. Since it is chemical-free, you can let your dog play for hours on the turf without any risk. Furthermore, as is the case with real grass, there will be no risk of diseases and infections caused by germs.

Our synthetic grass doesn’t get slippery wet due to its effective drainage system. Thus, there is a reduced risk of injuries as well. Moreover, if you have our fake grass in place, there will be no more issue of muddy footprints all over the house as well.

Extensive Features

Our fake grass boasts of some of the most extensive features. It has a K9 4-phase system. This system gives our grass a sturdy foundation, an effective drainage system, and infill made from quality components.


Durability is one of the major factors that one must consider when buying synthetic grass for their lawn. At Lawn World, our experts have considered this factor and manufactured fake grass that can last for a longer period of time while retaining its original look. It doesn’t lose its sheen and value even after years. Hence, it is safe to term it as an investment that reaps benefits for a long time.

Easy to Install

Some people believe that the installation of synthetic grass is a long and tiresome process. However, this is untrue when it comes to artificial grass from Lawn World. Our grass can be installed without going through tough processes. We follow a proper installation method to ensure the turf stays intact for a long time. At first, the ground is excavated at least 3 m deep. After that, a geotextile sheath is used to cover the area. It is then followed by creating a firm base using rocks and crushed grano.

Once the base is created, a 2x2 plastic batten is used for enhanced protection. The turf is then placed, which gives real grass like look and feel.

Effective Drainage System

Our artificial grass boasts of an effective drainage system. Due to this system, liquid spill, rainwater or organic waste cannot stay on or inside the turf. This also makes it easier to clean. The effective drainage system of the turf also helps to prolong the lifespan of the grass.

No Bad Odour

The case with real grass is that even after you have cleaned it, it still gives a bad odour. This bad odour greatly impacts the overall ambiance of the lawn. With our artificial grass, there will be no issue of an unpleasant smell. Once you have cleaned the grass, the bad odour will go away as well.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

A lawn with lush green grass uplifts the appeal of a home up to a great extent. However, having a well-kept lawn with real grass is tough. It requires ample time and effort to be maintained and in good shape. This is the major reason why not many people have lawns in their home despite wanting one.

With our artificial grass, you can add to the aesthetics of the outdoor of your home, without having to go through the hassles of maintaining a lawn with real grass. The artificial grass we manufacture looks exactly like real grass. Hence, you can get it installed in your home and improve its curb appeal.

At Lawn World, we have effective customer care system in place. If you have any query or want some information, all you have to do is to contact us.

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